R.I.P. George Bizos

It was a very sad day for the South African Chinese community when we heard the news of the passing of the former anti-apartheid icon and human rights lawyer George Bizos.

In 2008, George Bizos represented the Chinese Association of South Africa in a case where the South African Chinese community were acknowledged by the High Court as being discriminated against during the apartheid regime and recognised as being previously disadvantaged.

From the very first meeting we held with George Bizos, we noticed that he was a man filled with humility and compassion in his fight for the rights of the discriminated and downtrodden. He immediately recognised the issues facing the South African Chinese community and was 100% invested in supporting this case. In the end, Bizos was successful in fighting for the recognition of the South African Chinese people’s 300-year-old history in South Africa. He was also successful in fighting for the rights and dignity of this community.

George Bizos was a hero to all South African’s, as well as a hero for the South African Chinese community. He will always be highly regarded and will be remembered for what he did for our community.

On behalf of The Chinese Association (Gauteng) and our members, we wish to offer our deepest condolences to family and friends.

Paulette Leong

Paulette is the TCA treasurer and handles the association's Marketing & Promotion portfolios.