Equality Court Update: “Insult to Injury” in Equality Court Hearing on Anti-Chinese Hate Speech

An update on the Equality Court Challenge (dated: 29 November 2019)

“Insult to Injury” in Equality Court Hearing on Anti-Chinese Hate Speech
在平等法院的反华仇恨言论听证会中所谓的 “从侮辱到伤害.”

The Equality Court inquiry concerning 12 respondents accused of hate speech, harassment and unfair discrimination against the local Chinese community took an unexpected turn in court. Judge M. Makume cautioned Mr Malcolm Barendse, a lay person representing the fourth respondent, David Clive Horne, that his (Barendse’s) behaviour was verging on contempt of court, and reprimanded him several times.

平等法院对 12 名被指控对当地华人社团进行仇恨言论, 骚扰和不公正歧视的被告进行了审听、结果 出乎意料的转变. Makume 法官警告代表第四被告 David Clive Horne 的非侓师代表(外行人)Malcolm Barendse 先生的行为会受到瞄视法庭而被惩罚并也多次谴责的他.

During the cross examination of Mr Erwin Pon, chairperson of The Chinese Association (TCA), Barendse, posed the following question: “When one looks at the bigger picture I am asking you, could it well be that in a manner of perspective, we’re dealing here with a minor issue? […] Don’t we as South Africans have bigger things to focus on, with enough troubles – whether it be human or animal rights violations throughout South Africa, unemployment, corruption, whatever it might be? Don’t you feel, without demeaning your position, that as a matter of perspective, in terms of the greater scheme of things, it’s a small issue?”.

在对南非杜省中华公会(TCA)主席潘明怡 ( Erwin Pon )进行盘问时, Barendse 提出了以下问题:“当我 看到更大的图景时, 我想问你是不是可以从一个角度来看, 我们在这里处理的是个小问题?[…]我们 南非人已有足够多的问题, 所以有很多事情需要关注的-无论是整个南非中侵犯人权还是侵犯动物权 利, 失业, 腐败, 或者是其它的?你觉不觉的, 在不贬低您的立场的情况下, 从更大的事情来看, 这个 是一个小问题?”

An upset Pon, in a raised voice, responded: “Just like when I was a kid, and all those hundreds of kids bullied me, I was a small little kid – insignificant in the bigger picture, as apartheid was running rife? Not allowed on buses – that’s a small little issue for a kid, not being allowed on a bus? So, my answer is NO, I do not think that it is small. I do not think that it is right that we do not matter…. This is where it is insult to injury – when someone thinks that it doesn’t matter. Thinks that our lives do not matter”.

潘明怡 ( Erwin Pon ) 很不高兴并高声回答“就像我小时候 : , 成百上千的孩子欺负我一样, 当时我还是 个小孩–在种族隔离泛滥的情况下, 当时在大局上我是微不足道的?不允许上公车-对孩子来说, 是 一个小小的问题吗, (又重复)不允许上公车吗?所以, 我的回答是, 不是的, 我不认为它很小. 我认为 这是不对的, 而我们我们是很重要的…当有人认为没关系, 认为我们的生命无所谓时, 这就是所谓从侮辱到伤害的地方.”

Pon’s response was met with applause from the gallery, filled with the many members of the local Chinese community who have been present throughout the hearing.

在整个听证会中, 潘的回应得到了旁遮普参加活动的都是来自当地华人社团的许多成员语的响声.

The manner in which Barendse posed his question was not spared a response by Justice Makume who stated, “The problem is that you minimised the problem that these people are facing. You said it’s small… The witness must be allowed to express himself in a manner that he wants to express himself […] This witness is reacting to the manner in which the question was asked”.

Barendse 提出问题的方式也并没有幸免马库姆大法官的回答, 他说:“问题是,您把这些人面临的问题 最小化了. 您说是很小… 必须允许证人以他想表达的方式来表达自己的意思[…] 此证人正对所提出的问题的方式做出反应.

Justice Makume also cautioned Barendse a number of times on how he addressed the court, insisting that he follow the rules of evidence, court etiquette and process. He said, “Mr Barendse, I have warned you again, please stop speaking to me in that manner”. At a later point Justice Makume stated, “I think you’re busy stepping into contempt of court”.

马库姆( Makume)法官还多次警告 Barendse 如何向法院讲话, 坚持要他遵守证据的规则, 法院礼节和 程序. 他说:“Barendse 先生, 我已多次警告过您, 请不要再这样对我讲话.” 稍后, 马库姆大法官说: “我认为您正踏入瞄视法庭之路.”

Advocate Faizel Ismail, representing TCA, interjected to say that, “As an officer of the court…it is incumbent upon us to inform a lay person like Mr Barendse that he is before a court of law, he is before a judge, and he should be treating the judge with appropriate respect and deference”.

代表南非杜省中华公会(TCA)的法伊瑟尔·伊斯梅尔(Faizel Ismail)大律师说:“作为律政人员…我 们有责任通知像 Barendse 这样的外行人士在法院审理, 法官审案前必须给予法官适当的尊敬和遵守 法院规则.”

The fourth respondent’s alleged comment, posted on the Carte Blanche Facebook page, is “Personally I say wipe them out – I’d be the first to be there”. The case continues in the South Gauteng High Court. He alleges these comments were taken out of context.

第四名被告在 Carte Blanche 脸书页面上发布的评论是:“我个人说把他们除掉-我将是第一个出席” 此案在南豪登省高等法院继续进行. 他声称他的评论是脱离上下接文的(跟反华仇恨言论无关的).

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