Equality Court Update: Local Chinese Community Returns to Equality Court to Challenge Hate Speech

An update on the Equality Court Challenge (dated: 25 November 2019)


On 25 November 2019 The Chinese Association Gauteng’s (TCA) legal case against 12 respondents accused of hate speech, harassment and unfair discrimination will resume in the South Gauteng High Court (sitting as an Equality Court). The case concerns a series of comments made by individuals, which were posted on the Facebook pages of Carte Blanche and the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary in early 2017. The case returns to court after having started in March this year. At the court inquiry next week, TCA will present evidence on the harmful, hurtful and discriminatory effects of these comments on the local Chinese community.

2019年11月25日,南非杜省中华公会 ( TCA ) 将在南豪登省高等法院(作为平等法院)对12名被指控对华人不公平, 骚扰和歧视之仇恨言论继续进行起诉. 该案涉及一些个人发表于2017年年初时所发布在卡特·布兰奇Carte Blanche和卡鲁驴子保护所Karoo Donkey Sanctuary脸书页面上的一系列评论. 该案于今年3月开始审理后, 现在重返法院. 在下周的法庭听审中, 南非杜省中华公会 ( TCA )将提供证明有关这些评论对当地华人社团的损害, 伤害和歧视性影响的证据.

The speech being challenged includes statements that Chinese people are “not human”, are “vile and barbaric”, and that South Africa should “get rid” of the Chinese. Further statements are that they should be “wipe[d] out” and that “we should start killing their children”.

受到挑战中的评语包括华人”不是人类” 而且”卑鄙而野蛮” , 南非应该”摆脱” 华人的言论. 更进一步的评说他们应该被”消灭”并且”我们该开始杀死他们的孩子.”

“The case is about casting a spotlight on how Chinese people in South Africa face frequent hate speech, particularly on social media. Many South Africans don’t know the history of Chinese in this country – the contributions we have made and the pain we have suffered. We want to break the silence on our experiences of discrimination and so we expect many of our community members to attend the court hearing”, says Francis Lai Hong, Deputy Chairperson of TCA.

陈锦源, 杜省中华公会 ( TCA )副主席说: “该案在旨于关注南非的华人如何面对频繁的仇恨言论尤其特别在社交媒体上. 许多南非人根本不了解在南非华人的历史上如我们所做的贡献和所遭受的痛苦.我们要打破对我们所经历过歧视的沉默, 也更因此我们希望更多的社团成员能够参加法庭的听证.”

TCA brought the case on behalf of over 40 organisations and prominent people from across the local Chinese community, including the All Africa China Association, the South African Chinese Enterprises Association, the China-Africa Women’s Association, the SA-Chinese People’s Friendship Association, the South African Guangzhou Association of Trade and Cultural Exchange, and the Sino South African Chamber of Commerce.

杜省中华公会 ( TCA )代表了40多个组织及当地华人社团的知名人士包括全非中國協會,南非中國企業協會,中非婦女協會,中國人民友好協會,南非廣州貿易文化交流協會和中南商會以及南非中国商会提起诉讼.

“South Africans of Chinese origin are part and parcel of our diverse country and we contribute to all sectors of society. We were subject to abuse from the time we were brought here in the colonial period and during apartheid. We shouldn’t have to endure the speech or actions of those who deny us our dignity and humanity in this democracy”, says Taryn Lock, Founder of Proudly Chinese SA, a platform established partly in response to hate speech and that profiles the work of young Chinese South Africans.

自豪地南非中国人, 一个为响应仇恨言论和介绍年轻南非华人工作所建立的平台之 创始人朱伦伦表示: “自中国的南非人是我们这多元化国家重要组成的一部份并也为社会的各个领域做出贡献. 从我们在殖民和种族隔离时期被带到这的那一刻起, 我们就已遭受了虐待. 我们不应该忍受那些否认我们在这民主国家应有尊严和人性地位的人以及他们的言论或行动.”

Racism remains a serious issue in South Africa and still affects many people. TCA will lead evidence on the lived experience of both South African born Chinese people and the immigrant Chinese community. This includes the hurt and harm of racist hate speech in the context of the indignities the Chinese have experienced both in the past and presently.

种族歧视在南非仍然是个严重的问题也一直仍然影响着许多人. 杜省中华公会 ( TCA )将提供证据证明南非出生的华人和移民南非社团的过往生活之经历. 其中包括对华人在过去和现在所经历并还再受到种族歧视之仇恨言论的侮辱, 伤害和损害.

TCA seeks relief geared at improving relations amongst the diverse people in South Africa. These include an unconditional apology, an interdict preventing similar future speech, damages, the rendering of community service to monitor and remove anti-Chinese hate speech on social media, and that the respondents attend a sensitisation training offered by the South African Human Rights Commission.

杜省中华公会 ( TCA )寻求平等法院对改善南非各族人民之间的关系之判决. 此案中包括被告无条件的道歉, 全面阻止未来类似评论的禁令, 损害的赔偿, 由被告提供社团服务监视和消除社交媒体上反华仇恨的言论, 以及参于南非人权委员会所提供的宣传培训.

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About TCA: The Chinese Association Gauteng (TCA) was formed in 1903. Its primary aim is to promote and preserve Chinese culture, heritage, language and religion, and to advance the welfare of the Chinese in South Africa. It also promotes unity, harmony and goodwill amongst those of Chinese descent, and embraces the interests of all other fellow South African citizens. For more information visit http://www.tcagp.co.za

关于南非 杜省中华公会 ( TCA ):南非杜省中华公会(TCA)于1903年成立. 其主要目的是促进和维持中国的文化, 传统, 语言和宗教并促进在南非华人的福利. 它还促进团结, 中国人后裔的和谐与善意并拥抱所有其他南非公民的利益. 请访问http://www.tcagp.co.za了解更多信息.
Issued by Just Communication on 18 November 2019
The Chinese Association of Gauteng