Equality Court Update: SA Chinese close historic Equality Court case

An update on the Equality Court case.

SA Chinese close historic Equality Court case

Today, 5 December 2019, the local Chinese community closed its historic case against 12 respondents in the Equality Court. Over the past two weeks, the Chinese Association Gauteng (TCA), acting on behalf of over 100 000 people, has presented wide-ranging evidence for why the respondents’ comments on social media platforms amount to racist hate speech, harassment and unfair discrimination.
今天, 2019年12月5日, 当地华人社团在平等法院结束了针对12名被告历史性的诉讼. 在过去的两周, 南非杜省中华公会(TCA), 代表超过10万人, 提供了证明被告在社交媒体平台上的评论为何构成种族主义仇恨言论, 骚扰和不公平歧视之广泛的证据.

“We believe the court will see that our case against these heinous comments is indisputable. In a diverse democracy such as ours, underpinned by principles of equality and dignity, it cannot be acceptable to say about a particular group of people, ‘wipe them out’ or ‘get rid’ of them”, says Erwin Pon, TCA Chairperson.
南非杜省中华公会(TCA)主席潘明怡 ( Erwin Pon ) 说: “我们相信法院将看到我们所针对此案中这些恶劣的评论是无可争议的. 在像我们这样多元化, 以平等和尊严原则为基础的民主国家中, 对特定的群体说“消灭它们”或“摆脱他们”是不可接受的.”

Four respondents have submitted to the court their willingness to tender unconditional apologies and to reach settlement on all the terms TCA has sought. These include, amongst others, that they pin their apologies on their Facebook profiles for a period of 6 months and do 500 hours of community service to remove anti-Chinese hate speech on social media platforms.
四名被告已向法院提交他们愿意无条件道歉并同意, 就南非杜省中华公会(TCA)寻求的所有条款上, 达成和解的意愿. 其中包括将自己的道歉记录在他们脸书个人资料上长达6个月并提供500小时的社区服务消除社交媒体平台上任何的反华仇恨言论.

The 8th respondent, Mariette van der Linde de Klerk, vehemently denies having made the comment attributed to her. The 4th respondent, David Clive Horne, maintains that his comment is read out of context and that he hasn’t committed hate speech.
第八被告Mariette van der Linde de Klerk强烈否认已发评论是归因于她的. 第四被告, 戴维·克莱夫·霍恩(David Clive Horne)坚持认为他的评论是离题读的, 并且他没有发表仇恨的言论.

“TCA is pleased that we were able to present evidence on the history of racism that has faced our community and on how, too, hate speech and racism impact us currently. We are confident that the court will find that all the comments amount to hate speech. Through this case, the Chinese experience in South Africa has finally been made visible”, says Francis Lai Hong, TCA Vice Chairperson.
南非杜省中华公会(TCA)副主席陈锦源( Francis Lai Hong ) 说: “南非杜省中华公会(TCA)感到高兴的是, 能够提供说明我们社团所面临的种族主义之历史, 以及目前仇恨言论和种族主义如何影响着我们的证据. 我们相信法院将会发觉所有的评论都构成仇恨的言论. 也通过此案例终于显现华人在南非所经历之经验.”

Closing arguments will be presented in court in February 2020.

Click HERE to see TCA Chairperson, Erwin Pon, give testimony on the impact of the comments on the local Chinese community.
点击此处观看南非杜省中华公会(TCA)主席潘明怡 ( Erwin Pon ) 对评论是如何影响当地华人社团之证词.

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Issued by Just Communication on 5 December 2019 / 2019年12月5日通过平等通讯发布
The Chinese Association of Gauteng / 南非杜省中华公会(TCA)

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