SA Chinese Community Denounces Racial Discrimination in Responses to Covid-19

Media Statement released on Covid-19.

The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed a torrent of hatred and abuse towards people of Asian origin, and Chinese people in particular, across the world. South Africa’s Chinese community has not been spared of this. We also watch, with growing concern, instances of abuse towards other racialised groups such as black African people in China.

This is an extremely tense time for all societies, and the fears associated with the spread of the virus are compounded by discrimination, xenophobia and racial stereotyping – often directed at those who are socially vulnerable.

“Racist scapegoating gets us no closer to mitigating the impacts of Covid-19, nor to strengthening our ability to cope with it. Instead, it erodes the solidarities that are so needed to ensure that the lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable amongst us are taken care of”, says Erwin Pon, Chairperson of TCA.

Francis Lai-Hong, TCA’s Vice Chairperson, states that, “TCA strongly condemns any and all racist or xenophobic acts – whether in South Africa, in China, or elsewhere in the world. We call for a dignified and humane response to what is ultimately a shared global crisis”.

The South African Chinese Community and its community leaders and members continue to actively support local responses to the epidemic and its devastating impacts across our society.