SA Chinese Heritage Project

Contribute to the South African Chinese Heritage Project.

Hello Everyone, 

So finally, I have something to share with you on the South African Chinese Heritage Project.

Just to recap if you have not followed my previous threads – This Project is as a result of my interest in South African and Overseas Born Chinese issues.  I’ve noticed how issues and themes seem to repeat themselves over space and time and come to believe that we need to first share the meaning of being South African Chinese AS a community in order to better respond and deal with common issues and hopefully break the repeating generational cycle.

Please look at the PowerPoint presentation on the South African Chinese Heritage Project and a SA Chinese Heritage Project Google Form for your input. You can also find it on slide share under South African Chinese Heritage Project

Should you be unable to download the google form, or have any queries please email me at cc .  Alternatively you can also download the questions on this word Doc

The next three weeks is Lock Down – Perhaps this will prove to be a blessing for the Chinese community to give us some time to reflect on how we wish to self-identity and respond to our issues in the face of increasing anti-Chinese sentiment both here and abroad.

I am challenging the community to respond during this period 26 March to 16 April 2020.  We can turn the tide and emerge from this stronger and better equipped to respond to our issues.  

I’m hoping that you feel it’s worth some of your time to make a difference.  I believe, It’s only when we can work as a community that we stand a chance to change our circumstances and make a difference

I look forward to receiving and sharing your responses and feedback.


Rain Yuen


South African Chinese Heritage Project